Shoes ready to sell & on demand
It is possible to order custom-made shoes, to do this, contact by e-mail or whatsApp +393426453871 the bespoke shoes are produced with 45 working days ready-to-sell shoes are sold here.
In case some models are that are out of stock, you can order them, with delivery in 25 working days,to order shoes must be paid in full.    



           The Lukurë brand was born from the idea of two friends, who later went on different paths. Carlo Di Todaro has always been a craftsman, stylist and shoemaker craftsman, a profound connoisseur of leather for the upper and leather for soles and heels, from the model he creates models and patterns that are linked to classicism, sometimes even too imaginative. Goodyear handcrafted shoes, for the well-being of the foot. The goodyear shoe is born starting from soft Italian leathers, Carlo uses Italian leathers for the soles and English leathers for the upper, the leather of the sole has a thickness from 5 to 6 mm.
Leather heel and all seams are hand and machine made according to the customer's request. Carlo has the know-how    to produce shoes at a distance, from thousands of miles or kilometers, with a perfect result. Carlo also produces beautiful bespoke sneakers, leather upper, leather lining and
rubber sole.


Entirely handmade


Entirely handcrafted, these images show some steps of production, from the cutting of the leather to the finished shoe.